About Us

Construction company, manufacturing & Services BV Engineering Ltd is founded in 01.06.2002 and since then we continue to grow and we have been successful in the field of construction. Our development is based on a professional approach and commitment on the tasks of all employees in the company.
The main goal is the achievement of recognized quality product, service and consistently implementing the requirements and customer expectations through quality performance and meet all technical standards and regulations.
The main objective is achieved through the realization of the following goals:

  • system management processes;
  • rational use of resources;
  • professional care of staff;
  • partnerships with customers and suppliers;
  • continuous development of awareness of the staff responsible for the execution of the purchase and achieving the required quality of products and services;
  • observance of the technical and legal regulations.

The organization has established strong business relationships with suppliers of building materials and services that fully completes the necessary requirements when performing any type of construction work.